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How to generate icons?
In the search box type in a keyword for which you would like to find an icon and click "search" button. A list of results will be displayed. In order to see the full collection of the icon click on the "View collection" link under the icon. Having found icons you need click on the image of the icon. A form for modifying that icon will appear. Set the desired parameters:

Preview background: Sets a background for the preview of the image. This parameter does not affect the icon image
Note: .JPEG and .BMP file formats do not support transparency.

File type: The type of the generated image

Keep colors: Each icon has it's default colors. Having placed "Yes" for this parameter you will have the colors of the icon unchanged.
Note: "Foreground color" parameter is disabled when this option is on

Transparent background: Sets transparent background for an icon
Note: .JPEG and .BMP file formats do not support transparency.

Foreground color: Sets the color of the image. This function colorizes the icon image
This parameter is disabled when "Keep colors option is selected"

Background color: Sets background color of the icon image
This parameter is disabled for .JPEG and .BMP file formats. Also it's disabled if transparent background is enabled for all file types except for .GIF. In the latter case the background is set for all semi-trasparent pixels of the original icon image.

Icon size: The size of the icon in pixels

Constrain proportions: Having selected this parameter you will have icon size and width become in true proportions with the original image size

Rotate angle: Angle you want the image to be rotated

Reset sizes: Reset width and height of the icon to original icon size as displayed in search results

Reset form: Resets the form to it's default values
The form parameters are saved in cookies for your convenience for each next icon

Having selected all parameters as required click on the "Generate icon" button. Wait for the icon to load. Having refined the icon as desired, click on the "download" button in the bottom right corner of the form.

Advanced search: Helps to sort out icons for particular license rules, minimum and maximum sizes of the image.

Example on generating an icon

Let us review an example. For instance, let's take a "blackjack" icon for an example:

In the search box enter a "blackjack" word. You will get a list of icons like shown on the image below. Then click on the image to invoke a generator form. Having selected desired parameters, click on the "Generate icon" button to generate your image. In the end, having acquired a desired image, click on the "download" button to save the image to your computer.

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